P-CAD Electronic Design Automation (EDA) development of Personal CAD Systems Inc. Intended for design of multilayer printed circuit boards and electronic computing devices. Currently, the Russian P-CAD is the most popular EDA. The structure of P-CAD consists of two main modules - P-CAD Schematic, P-CAD PCB, and a number of other support programs. P-CAD Schematic and P-CAD PCB - respectively graphical editors of schematic diagrams and printed circuit boards (PCB). OrCAD OrCAD - a software package designed to automate the design of electronics. Used mainly to create electronic versions of printed circuit boards for the manufacture of printed circuit boards, as well as for the production of electronic circuits and their simulations. As part of the package the following modules: -Capture - schematic editor, -Capture CIS Option - Library Manager Active Parts, -PSpice Analog Digital - package analog-digital simulation -PSpice Advanced Analysis - a package of parametric optimization, -PSpice SLPS option - communication interface package Matlab, -PCB Designer - PCB layout editor, -SPECCTRA for OrCAD - the program for automatic and interactive routing, -Signal Explorer - module signal integrity and crosstalk. Altium designer Today Altium Designer is a system that allows to implement projects at the level of electronic circuitry or software code with the subsequent transfer of information designer FPGA or PCB. A distinctive feature of the program is to design the structure and integrity of the cross-cutting management working at different levels of design. In other words, changes in the board-level design can be instantly transmitted to the circuit or the FPGA level and the same back. As well as the priority application developers worth noting integration ECAD and MCAD systems. Now PCB design is available in three-dimensional form with bidirectional transmission of information to the mechanical CAD (Solid Works, Pro / ENGINEER NX, etc.) SolidWorks SolidWorks is a product of SolidWorks Corporation (USA). Program Solid Works ® - is computer-aided design (CAD), using the familiar graphical user interface Microsoft Windows. In other words, it's easy to learn tool allows design engineers to quickly display their ideas in a sketch, experimenting with elements and dimensions, and create models and detailed drawings. Inventor Autodesk Inventor is a system of three-dimensional parametric solid and surface design (CAD) of Autodesk, designed to create digital prototypes of industrial products. Inventor tools provide a full cycle of design and creation of design documentation: -2D/3D-modelirovanie; -creation of flat products and getting their scans; Development of electrical and piping systems; Designing equipment for molding plastic products; dynamic modeling; -parametric calculation of the stress-strain state of parts and assemblies; imaging products; -automatically obtain and update design documentation (design on ESKD). Autodesk 3ds Max Autodesk 3ds Max (formerly 3D Studio MAX) - a full-featured professional software system for creating and editing three-dimensional graphics and animation, developed by Autodesk. Contains the most advanced tools for artists and professionals in the field of multimedia. Operating systems Microsoft Windows and Windows NT (both 32-bit and 64-bit). In April 2013, released the sixteenth version of this product under the name «Autodesk 3ds Max 2014". Written in C # (WPF), also uses the library Developer Express (DevExpress).