Telit Communications PLC

Telit Communications S.p.A. was organized in 1986 and in 1997 began production and sales of mobile phones and other communication devices under the brand Telit. The company develops and manufactures cellular GSM / GPRS / Edge modem in the form of plug-ins and finished terminals and modems with built-in global positioning system receiver GPS. 

General description of products 

GSM / GPRS / Edge modules and terminals of Telit Communications SpA intended for receiving and transmitting digital data modes GSM, GPRS and Edge, make voice calls, fax and SMS exchange messages. Manage modems is via AT commands through serial port (UART or RS-232). Received from an external control device (microcontroller or computer) AT command, the modem executes it and gives back to the serial port on the implementation of the message (if it is provided in the team). Of AT commands are configuration commands modems connecting, receiving a report on the modem status and network management state lines IO ports and others. After establishing a data connection, the modem is switched to the transmission mode. Further, he sees everything that he sends to the serial port external controller, the data and transmits them to the modem with which you have connected. Also, the modem can be initiated messages about current events - incoming call, determining the number, you receive SMS, disconnection and some others. 

To reduce the cost of the final system offers firm Telit modems, software which contains a shell program in the programming language Python (Python). Such modems can operate without an external microcontroller, but only under written in the language of the program loaded in the internal flash memory of the modem. The same purpose (to reduce the cost of the final product) are modems with integrated receiver GPS. Controlling the built-in GPS receiver are connected with special AT commands and receive certain coordinates and perhaps as a response to a command, and a NMEA sentences output serial port receiver GPS.