SolidWorks  is a CAD software package for automation of industrial enterprises at the stages of design and technological preparation of production. Ensure the development of products of any complexity and purpose. Runs under Microsoft Windows. Developed by SolidWorks Corporation, now is an independent division of Dassault Systemes (France). The program appeared in 1993 and was competing products such as AutoCAD and Autodesk Mechanical Desktop, SDRC I-DEAS and Pro / ENGINEER. 


Constructor preproduction (PPC) 
3D design products (parts and assemblies) of any complexity-specific manufacturing. 
Engineering documentation in strict accordance with GOST. 
Industrial design. 
Reverse engineering. 
Communication engineering (electroplaits, pipelines, etc.). 
Engineering analysis (strength, stability, heat transfer, frequency analysis, dynamic mechanisms, gas / fluid dynamics, optics and light, electromagnetic calculations, analysis of the size of chains, etc.). 
Express analysis of manufacturability at the design stage. 
Preparing Data for IETM. 
Data and process management at the stage of the PPC. 

Technological preparation of production (CCI) 
Tooling and other technological equipment 
Analysis of the technological design of the product. 
Analysis of the technological manufacturing processes (injection molding, stamping process analysis, drawing, bending, etc.). 
Development of technological processes on ESTD. 
Material and labor rationing. 
Machining: development of control programs for CNC machine tools, NC verification, simulation of the machine. Milling, turning, turning, milling and electrical discharge machining, laser, plasma and waterjet cutting, blanking dies, coordinate measuring machines. 
Data and process management at the stage of CCI 

Data and process management: 
Working with a single digital model of the product. 
Electronic technical and administrative workflow. 
Participatory development of technology. 
Geographically distributed work teams. 
Maintain archive of technical documentation in accordance with GOST 
Project management. 
Privacy Policy. EDS. 
Data preparation for ERP, cost calculation.